1. Institute of Education Ahmadu Bello University was established by the Northern Nigerian Law No. 10 of 1965 specifically to assist in the development of education in the North. Status 15 of Ahmadu Bello University has set out its functions, which include:
  2. to act in an advisory and consultative capacity to the Ministries charged with the responsibility for education in the states on any matters pertaining to education, and to collaborate with the said Ministries both in the planning both in the planning and extension of educational facilities in the states and in the provision, either by itself or in conjunction with other bodies, of suitable course of study and instruction
  3. under such conditions as may be prescribed by the appropriate authority anything, to recommend to the senate the award of Degrees, Diplomas, Certificates and other distinctions;
  4. to conduct and promote research and to act as a coordinating agency for research, in all matters pertaining to education and the development of education in the States;
  5. to promote the training of teachers and other persons engaged in or intending to engage in educational work:
  6. to provide or coordinate in providing courses, conferences and lectures for purposes concerned with or interested in education;
  7. to provide educational centers for the promotions of the educational interests of persons concerned with or interested in education;
  8. to advise on the establishment and maintenance of professional library services III the States;
  9. to assist in the teaching function of the University at graduate and undergraduate levels.



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